Bikash Kalita : Your Life, Your Choice

21 You are a failure, a loser
7 I can’t, I can
31 Don’t like your life-change it
29 How did you spend today?
10 Shell
21 How to think for a better you
20 What stops you from working and what to do about it?
10 The process to work better and create something meaningful
5 Useless and worthless
1 Why cleaning your room is not a waste of time?
26 An easy way to make today extraordinary
13 Boredom-what to do when you feel bored?

16 What to do when you think you are not good enough
7 Live your life to the fullest with these 3 ways
31 Achieve awesome results with a simple method
30 Best things that can happen
26 Master these 5 communication skills to reach a higher level
25 Do less, live more
21 5 Viktor Frankl Quotes That Will Make You Think Again
19 The mind movie
19 Seneca on Overcoming Fear
15 How to become an active listener using classical music
14 Things that we often ignore come back to haunt us
14 Value experiences more than objects
14 Questions to ask before buying anything
13 Turning your anxiety into a passion
12 Do this one thing to improve your confidence
5 (Motivational Video) Be Remembered – Greg Plitt
4 3 habits that are holding you back from success

22 How to change a habit
27 How to learn to respect yourself
22 How to increase your willpower
22 How do I overcome the habit of doing things at the very last minute?
15 Chemicals that make you happy

7 Panic attacks and what you can do about it
6 Believe in yourself again
17 Take what you want and pay for it!
17 Are we the same we? The complexity of personal identity
24 How to be happy
24 Don’t waste things
24 Deciding what you want in your life in a simple way
24 Fitness should be a habit
24 Make someone happy today
24 How do you make people happy?
24 Over thinking
24 Checking things off a list
24 How to Work While On Vacation
24 How to get back even after setbacks
24 Sitting is the new smoking
24 Positive affirmations
24 Are you too busy to try anything new?
24 Practice gardening-you will learn a lot
24 What do building a start-up and having a child have in common?
24 Raise More Mindful Kids
24 How you can turn any setback into a comeback
24 9 Happiness boosts
24 Are you happy with what you are doing?
24 How Regular Exercise Can Calm Anxiety
24 A New Rule for Meetings
24 You Can Do 30 Things to Get Happy No Matter Where You Are
24 7 Rules for a Simpler Day
24 5 Ways To Live The Life You Want
24 The most important thing you have ever learned from a movie
24 The Benefits of Doing Something Dangerous