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You Can Do 30 Things to Get Happy No Matter Where You Are

You can be happy at any time and at any place. All you need is the willingness to become happy. Is it that easy? Yes, it is very easy. You can try any of the following things see how it makes you happy.


These things listed below can make you happy no matter where you are-

  1. Write down five things that you are grateful for
  2. Stop watching or reading news for week
  3. Take a power nap
  4. Start exercising today
  5. Start writing your journal
  6. Throw away five things that you don’t need
  7. Write down five things you have accomplished
  8. Write down your contributions towards society/country/state/place or anything else that matters to you
  9. Stop using Facebook
  10. Meditate
  11. Read the book that you love
  12. Sit alone quietly for half an hour
  13. Call a friend
  14. Take a walk
  15. Do something that really matters
  16. Drink some water
  17. Watch a movie
  18. Buy someone lunch
  19. Smile
  20. Do anything you like
  21. Get out of your office to do something that you love
  22. Do something for someone without revealing your name
  23. Give something to the local charity
  24. Do something for someone else
  25. Make your bucket list
  26. Sign up for a fitness class or a gym
  27. Talk to a stranger
  28. Read some motivational blog posts or watch videos
  29. Switch off your computer
  30. Do something

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