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Why cleaning your room is not a waste of time?

Is there any benefit in cleaning the room you live in and spend so much time? Or is it a waste of time? Can it really change your life? Can it change your life like magic? To find out answers to these questions, you’ll have to do it yourself and only then you’ll be able to find out the answers for yourself.

I recently experimented with this idea. I cleaned up my wardrobe, office desk and almirah. However, this time the cleaning process was different because I used a specific method of tidying. I want to share the results with you.


Enters KonMari

I tried the KonMari Method.

The KonMari Method of tidying up was created by tidying expert Marie Kondo. In this method you start cleaning based on the class of the items. So, one day you may tidy up your clothes wardrobe, another day may be your books and so on. Other methods of tidying up to the organization based on location of the items so that one day you clean up your bedroom, another day your drawing room. KonMari method is different from other methods in this regard. In KonMari method you first tidy up your clothes, then your books, then your papers and other materials and at last all the items which have emotional values for you (it may be emotional items like the first love letter, the first item you bought with your first month’s salary, the first laptop you bought etc.). While doing this, you remove the unnecessary items and keep only a few items.

Which items do you keep with you? How do you decide which items are to be discarded or donated and which are to be kept? That depends on a very simple rule. If you feel joy when you take the item in your hand, then you keep it and if you do not feel joy when touching the item, then discard it. But before you discard them or put them in a bag to donate at a later time, you touch them and say “thank you” to them for their services.

Likewise, KonMari method also has a specific way of folding including items. While folding them, you place your hand on them and send your love to them. When you follow the rules of folding, all your clothes will reach a rectangular shape and they stand erect when placed on a hard surface. The folded rectangle sized clothing item should stand itself. When putting the clothing items in the wardrobe, you place them vertically and not horizontally like we do in general. When you put your clothes in a vertical fashion, you can easily see each one of them by opening your wardrobe and it’s easy to take them out without disturbing the other clothing items. When you see each and every clothes, it becomes easier for you to take a decision regarding what to wear today.

Why is this method so popular?

The KonMari method is a very popular tidying up method. It is so because it is very effective. It has its own philosophy. When you try to follow this method of tidying up, you need to look inside you very carefully, you have to be mindful and you have to be mindful of the future. So, it not only cleans up your room or your home, but also adds lots of value to your life.

Who is Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo is a tidying expert who teaches people to tidy up and organize their homes and lives. She wrote The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (2011) which has been published in more than 30 countries. It was a best-seller in Japan and in Europe, and was published in the United States in 2014, which became a bestseller. She also has successful Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, which released in 2019. She was listed as one of Time’s “100 most influential people” in 2015.

Why did I do it?

Why did the experiment with this method? There are several reasons for it. First of all, I am not a very organized person and so I needed a method to become better in that field. I also try to see how open my mind is and how easily I can accept something new. Do I believe I know everything or can learn something new? If my mind is closed then all think that I know everything and there is nothing new to learn. But if I have an open mind, I’ll have interesting new things and I will try to learn them and utilize them in my life. Moreover, the life is for experimenting. In our lives we can experiment with different things and then decide ourselves what is good and what is bad for us. Such experimentation makes life interesting for ourselves. And if I can learn something good and useful from someone, what’s the harm in that?


What have I learnt?

We could learn so many important and essential things from this experimentation.

Reduce attachment

When you learn to tidy up your own things and discard the unnecessary items lying around, it will help you to learn how to reduce your attraction to different types of items and how you can learn to gradually get rid of greed. It is possible to learn to leave attachment and illusion aside while you learn how to clean and discovered your own items, with which you have strong emotional attachments. It will also give you the opportunity to practice to stay away from worldly attachments. If we can learn to be free from attachments and can practice it regularly, many of our problems will be solved automatically. If at any point of your life if you need to become free from attachments, it won’t be so difficult for you anymore.

Less is better

When I was following this method I realized that less is always better. If I have less things might is always better than having more things. Instead of filling your home with many things that do not give you any happiness, it is always better to have just a few things that make you happy. Each and every such item in your home and life will give you happiness.

Better organized life

Once you can organize and tidy up your items, your life will start to follow it. First, we need to organize the less number of items we need in our lives and then it will help us to tidy up our brains and minds. Then we can use the same process in other areas of our lives and will be able to make our lives more organized and tidy.


You will also understand that it’s not the items but the emotions and feelings attached to the items that bring happiness to us. If you start to put more importance on your experience rather than products, you’ll be able to achieve more happiness.

Be happy

I have also learned that it is possible to be happy with small things. Even an old cloth can make you feel good. You don’t have to go to an expensive restaurant or buy the latest model of the latest phone or buy something new to become happy. I wonder how many opportunities of happiness we’re losing that arise from such small things.

A better world

Another attractive thing from this method for me is saying thank you to non-living beings like old clothes and other items while bidding farewell. We generally don’t do that and for some people it may be a thing of the eccentrics. But if we learn to thank items of our lives and even other people and show our gratitude, we will create a habit of showing gratitude to others. Probably it is one of the best habits that you can have for yourself to improve your life. At the same time the feeling of empathy that we’re learning to bring forth the nonliving entities will also help us to create empathy for other human beings and animals and plants. If we can learn to have empathy for other beings, just imagine how beautiful this society and the world will become for ourselves and for others.

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