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What stops you from working and what to do about it?

Opposing Force

You want to write a book. You always think “I will start it today,” but it doesn’t happen. Sometimes you do not find the ideas, sometimes you cannot decide the name, sometimes you don’t find anything to write, sometimes for some other works you don’t find enough time to write the book you intended. It’s the same story for the last three years.

You wanted to start your own business after college but it hasn’t been done yet even after five years of completing your college.

Last year you were worried about the increasing weight, borderline sugar levels, slight problem in the heart found during your regular medical check-ups. You decided to start exercising regularly and you started as well but it lasted only a week. You haven’t done it after that.

There may be a vast difference between what you want to be and what you are today. There is a reason for this difference. It happens because the life you’re living now and the life you want to live there is something in between these two- resistance. The force that is keeping you from becoming the best version of yourself and getting the results you always wanted is resistance.

The power of resistance

The villain in a movie can be the metaphor for resistance. As the villain stops the hero from achieving love, money, respect, happiness and other things, likewise resistance stops you from achieving your goals and dreams.

Do you feel that this happens only in your case? Or only you face this resistance more than other people? This is a force of nature. It is not personal to anyone. Whatever resistance you are facing right now, somebody else have faced that before, somebody else is facing it right now and somebody will face in future. Like you many other people are also facing different types of resistance at this very moment. The forms may be different or similar. Many people are facing the same type of resistance, and on the other hand some people are facing resistance which nobody has faced for a long time.

Forms of resistance

The forms of resistance may be various-fear, self-doubt, overthinking, doubt about your own purpose, feeling too much pressure and so. The resistance that you are facing may not be the actual form of it.

Sometimes you may feel resistance as fear. The fear of not being successful, fear of not having enough money, the fear of people laughing at you, the fear of not being able to do anything in life and all other types of fear.

To keep you away from working, resistance can tell you anything- it can lie to you, it can make a story, it can make you greedy, it may force you to agree to stop working and enjoy pleasures.


How would you know you are facing resistance?

If you are facing resistance, will be able to recognise it by its symptoms. You’ll keep postponing the important things of your life, you will always find some excuses to not to work, the quality of the work you’re doing will not be good enough for you, you won’t be able to do anything even after having plans, you’ll be angry because you not able to do anything, you will feel as if he were losing your self-respect. If you seeing these symptoms, you are being stopped by resistance.

Don’t take the path of least resistance

Our mind tricks us to believe that the lowest hanging fruit of the tree is the most ripe. That is why instead of reading a book to improve ourselves, it is easier to sit in front of the TV and so we do it. Instead of working hard in the office to produce high-quality works, it is easier to somehow pass the office hours. In this way in most of the cases in our lives we are enticed to take the path of least resistance.

Taking the path of least resistance may become a habit for you. Then you will start taking decision based on what is the easiest, most enjoyable and least difficulties but that may not be the best part you. Then you will stay away from the struggle but if you stay away from struggle, how can you improve, how can you become better, how can you achieve what you want to achieve? Because only through struggle our lives grow and advance.

Making friends with difficulties and struggle

Don’t be mediocre. Let’s try to be extraordinary. Difficulties and struggle will extend the boundaries in your mind and the boundaries of your work. Only the difficulties force you to become better than before. When you face challenges, then only you improve yourself, learn new things, learn new skills, accept new perspectives and push your limiting boundaries out.

If you fear to do something then you can be sure that you must do this for your own development, for the development of your soul. Why? Because if this were not important to us, you will have faced so much resistance.

What can you do?

At different times in your life, in different works, you will always face resistance. But you will have to overcome them because only then you can achieve the results you want to achieve, the things that you want to do. So, how can you face such resistance and win in that struggle?

Doing things will be much easier if you decide the place and time both for them. Write down the tasks you need to complete. Take a notebook, a to-do app or a notepad or word file in the computer and write down the tasks you need to complete. Now choose the most important task and start doing it at the location and time you decided before. Do not stop yourself until you achieve the result you previously decided for that particular day.

You can apply different techniques to win the struggle with resistance. Steven Pressfield, the famous author, offered probably the most effective technique which may help all of us.

He mentioned about the technique through his daily list of things to do. After getting up in the morning, he gets dressed, does a few small things and then at 10:30 he sits at the table and writes for 4 hours. It doesn’t matter what he has written and what is the value of that writing, whether it will be published as a book on not that doesn’t matter for Pressfield. The most important thing here is that he fought against resistance that day and won in the fight.

If you do the same than even if you write good quality things for just half of the days in the year, it’ll help you to become a good writer and write good books. Within a few years you’ll be able to successfully complete lots of writing and achieve a lot of things. Likewise, if you face the struggle of doing your personal, social and your responsibilities in the office every day and every day you stay present in the right place and keep doing things you are supposed to do, at the end of the year you’ll be able to accomplish a lot many things. The results will be better if you plan it ahead and do it according to that plan.

Another quality that you would need

In this struggle, you will need another quality which will help you tremendously to face and win the fight against resistance. You will need patience. Every day, it’s not easy to save yourself from so many different distractions and keep working on the things you need to do. Besides that our attention span is going down and we see that people around us are more interested in instant gratification. Keeping your focus on the task you need to do in such an environment may not be possible for everyone. But if you keep taking action on the things you need to do and fight and win against resistance most of the time, then you’ll be able to complete the things you want to complete in a grand way and with the desired results. Nobody will be able to stop you.

You will have to work on your mind and develop a mind which will help you to do exactly that. This should be your most important work. If you can do that, you’ll also be able to do some things which will not only cross the barrier of time and become your legacy but will also get you happiness, peace and satisfaction. Your choice, because this is your life.

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