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What do building a start-up and having a child have in common?

Building a start-up and having a child is very similar. They have many things in common. If you have good parenting skills, you also probably have good start-up that development skills.


Let’s see how these two are similar-

The conception

Probably this is the most fun part in both the cases. It needs 2 people to team up. In case of start-up, if you team up with another co-founder, it’s very good for your health and financial position. It reduces your work by 50%. Like the father and the mother, the start-up founders also have definite roles to play in the process of starting the start-up.

In both the places, you need to work hard to get the result you want. Another interesting point is that – everybody thinks he/she can have one

The birth

This is a painful process to go through

Early years

You’ll be working late and working more. It is more likely to keep you awake night and day. You may be running around a lot and you’ll be learning a lot many new things.

Time needed

Generally for both, you need 2 to 3 years before it (your kid and the start-up) start moving itself.

Living it alone

You will have to wait for 8 to 10 years before you can leave it alone safely.

The objective

Do you have children to get rich? You have it because you love your partner. In the same way, founders start a start-up because they love something, they had a passion for something. They do not start a new company just to make money.

Nothing else on your mind

Whether you’re raising children or starting a start-up, you cannot have anything else on your mind. You need to focus everything you have on making it better, helping it grow bigger and bigger.

The outcome

When you have a child, you do not think about what you will get in return from the child. You do not spend countless hours for growing it, nourishing it, or do anything else to get something out of them. The same rule applies to start-ups. You spend so much of time, energy and money and effort thinking about something that you will get in return.

There are many more things which are common in having a child and building a start-up. Let us know what your points are.

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