Bikash Kalita : Your Life, Your Choice

Value experiences more than objects


There are experiences in life and objects. You may buy, barter or get objects for free. Whatever way you get the objects or their experiences, you need to value your experiences.
Why value your experience more than anything else?
They experiences you have form your memory. You store those experiences in your mind and often relive them. They can make you feel good about you and the life and can help you to be happy.
The objects you acquire or buy often initially make you happy but you won’t remember them after some time. Most of them are not included in your memory and after a few years probably you even don’t want to remember them. They have their functions and they help you. But their ability to influence your life is limited.

Experiences that you have will be remembered for a long time and they will influence you for a longer duration and they have greater influence on your mind. They will also shape your behavior and will help you to decide actions in future.

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