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Turning your anxiety into a passion

We all feel anxiety at different points of our lives. This is something which is very common. It becomes difficult only when it becomes a disorder. Some people are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. An anxiety disorder can cause some serious problems by making you anxious about situations, people, events and other things.


What happens when you are anxious

When you have anxiety, there are some specific symptoms that you will see. Your body will start shaking, your heart will start racing, your pores will begin spewing sweat and you will feel like as if you are in a trance without having any idea of what is going on around you. You will have your panic attacks. This may become a common occurrence whenever there is too much anxiety.

Gradually the fear will increase and it will be difficult for you. You will have no idea what to do. It may become increasingly difficult for you to deal with such situations.

The discovery

Then suddenly will discover something, something that you like. Something which helps you to get over the feeling of anxiety. Something that helps you to divert your attention from the anxiety itself.

It may be anything. It may be writing, it may be gardening, it may be painting, it may be singing, it may be anything else. But you will find solace in that and you will enjoy it. When you do that there is no anxiety and you just love your life. Suddenly, you will feel better.

How fear works

The difference between someone who has anxiety problem and someone who doesn’t have it is the level of fear that is triggered in a given situation. Dr. David Hawkins did a study on it which will help you to understand it better. By measuring brain waves, he found that each thought in our brain is nothing more than a source of molecules and atoms or you can say thinking originates from energy. This energy creates vibrational frequency and that frequency controls our emotions. If there is little movement, these frequencies will produce lower emotions like fear. If there is higher movement, there will be favourable emotions like confidence and love.

So, if you can use the overabundance of lower emotions in your mind and then transform those into higher ones, your life will completely change. Meditation can be a key in making the transformation because it contains consistent breathing and mindfulness.

Turning your fear into a passion

Turning your fear into a passion is not easy. First of all, you will have to break through the barrier of fear. It will also mean getting out of your comfort zone and throwing yourself out there. You need to motivate yourself so that you can break that barrier and start living. When you accept the fear and make yourself ready for the worst possible consequences, the fear does not have control over you anymore. Since you have readied yourself for the worst case scenario, you will not be fearful about the negative possible consequences in future.

Since you have found something that you like and which helps you to forget about the anxiety, it can help you to do better and more. This simple tool which helps you to forget anxiety may become your passion. You need to try to find out what you like and how much you like it. If you like something very much so that you are ready to work very hard to do that and to achieve the results you want, it means you are passionate about that. It is possible to convert something that you like into something that you really really love and that is your passion. When you discover it and then you start indulging it, it will help you to get over your anxiety problem easily and faster. Not only that, your passion will lead to enjoyment, happiness, satisfaction and can give a meaning to your life.

So, let’s try to find out if you have any passion. Do you?

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