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The mind movie

There is a movie playing in your mind. Whenever you are thinking about something, there is a movie going on. Your mind projects a movie and you watch it. When you think about something of the past, it plays the things that have happened. If you think about the future, it plays a movie about the things which might happen. When you are taking a decision, your mind plays one or more movies and your decision depends on that.


If your mind plays a negative movie inside, it will negatively impact your and every aspect of your life will be impacted by that movie for the decisions you take under influence of that movie.

If your mind plays a positive movie, it helps you to get into a positive mood and thinking and you feel better about yourself, the future, the situation, the things you are going to do, the things you have done and others.

The problem

The mind movie decides whether you will be able to change yourself for not. It stands in the way of your habit changes. It creates frustration, bad feeling, demotivation, stress, anxiety, depression, distraction, procrastination and other problems. The mind movies are the causes of many of your problems.

You can control it

It is possible for you to control what movie you are projecting inside your head. You can always choose to project positive movies so that you feel motivated to work to achieve what you want to achieve. If your mind is projecting a negative movie, you can always change it consistently by changing the movie, the characters, the situation, the happenings and the plot and it is possible for your conscious and subconscious mind.

Instead of having negative mind movies playing which will negatively impact you and will demotivate you, reduce your self-confidence and lower your work quality; why not always try to create positive mind movies which will force you towards the right and positive thoughts?

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