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Take what you want and pay for it!


God says:  Take what you want and pay for it!” – Spanish Proverb

Nothing comes free in life.

What you want in life, you need to pay for it. You don’t have to pay with money but all the same you need to pay for anything that you get in life. We need so many things- money, health, success, love, other things and so on. Whatever we need (and ask from the God), we need to pay for it. If you need more money, you need to work for it. If you need good health, you need to exercise regularly and watch your food. If you need more success, you need to work for it and find out the ways you can be successful.

It is the same process for everything. You cannot get anything for free.

However, this should not be disheartening and depressing. When you are with your thoughts, you are actually working out ways to get something that you want. Without your efforts there won’t be anything. This is a pretty simple fact of life that can help you to be better.

You know that for the good health you always wanted, you need to work for it and then only you can achieve your goal. If you do not want to try to get what you want, you’re not going to get it.

So, it boils down to one fact- you need to work for anything that you want you in your life.

It means that if you want something and you are ready to try hard to get it, it is more likely that you will achieve it. Everything depends on your thoughts and your goals. And these are the things that you can manage. That is actually inspiring.

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