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Raise More Mindful Kids

If you have kids, you probably know how beautiful it is. The mean the most for you, they teach you are so many things, they force you to change bad habits and inspire you to become better individuals and live a better life. As a parent, it’s your duty to offer them a better chance at a better life. You can achieve them by teaching them to be more mindful.


But doing so is not very easy. To teach them to be more mindful, you’ll have to be mindful first. You have to be mindful naturally so the your kids can pick it up from your naturally. If you practice what you preach each and every day, your kids will take the cue and will learn it from you. If you continue to lead by example, it will work as a compass for your kids and they will be guided by it as and when needed.

To raise more mindful kids, you can do the following

  1. Live by example

You have already got an idea about it in the previous paragraph. If you want to raise mindful kids, you will have to live by example. Because your kids will follow and more likely copy what you do, how you behave in a given circumstance, so, to make them more mindful, you will have to show them how you live mindfully. If they see that you yourself do not make mindful decisions and choices in your life, they are also not going to become mindful.

  1. Enjoy the present and teach them to enjoy it

Mindfulness is nothing but becoming more aware of your surroundings and the present. You need to teach your children how to enjoy the present more without worrying much about the past and the future. Show them how to live at the moment by being present. Teach them how to enjoy their moments. You need to show them how they can make their present life better. Show them how beautiful the life is. Let them enjoy the moment whenever they are doing it. Do not spoil their fun.

  1. Show them the principle of cause and effect

Your kids need to learn that there’s a consequence for every action. It will help them to understand and see their actions form a different perspective. When they know their actions have consequences, they will think before they act.

  1. Practice mindful activities

Some of the mindful things that you can do are- nature walks, sitting and watching sunsets, yoga. There are many more. When you practice these mindful activities with your kids, they will learn how to do such mindful tasks. They will experience the sensations and feeling that mindful activities offer. And when they love it once, they will keep doing it throughout their lives.

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