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Positive affirmations

What does positive affirmation mean? It means that you are repeatedly telling yourself the positive things that you want in your life. These positive thoughts are affirmed by continuously saying them. Your subconscious mind picks us the positive vibrations from these thoughts and helps you by changing your inner thoughts in a positive way.


“According to the dictionary, the word affirm means to validate and to state positively. Practically, this defines a nurturing communications style; one in which you talk to yourself and to others in a positive manner. In general, “positives” are more powerful than “negatives.” Positives are a one-step process that creates a picture that you want the brain to follow. Negatives, on the other hand, require a two-step process. Words such as don’t are meant to convey do the opposite of the picture that was just created in the brain. This is often difficult for a mature brain to figure out and may be virtually impossible for the immature brain to compute.It might feel silly at first, but let me encourage you to speak affirmations out loud.”

-Dr. Arlene Taylor, “What Does Affirmation Mean?”

Positive affirmations have power, real power.they not only help you focus on the positive things in life, but also help you to remember your goals in life. Remembering your goals and what you want to do will help you to stay on track to achieve them.

You need to put your positive affirmation lines in a clear and direct sentence.

Some examples –


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