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Panic attacks and what you can do about it

Among the people who come for counselling, I often meet people who are under panic attacks. What does panic attack mean?

Panic attacks can be very draining and as a result the person suffering from it is left without any energy. They often experience temporary or long-term depression as a result of panic attacks. People who suffer from panic attack often has fear as a very big limiting factor. Fear control their lives. They fear of panic attacks, they fear of what will happen to them, they fear of what others will think of them, they fear of going nuts and they fear of many other things.

Panic attacks are a real problem. But there are ways to handle it and to prevent future panic attacks.

Become fit

If you exercise regularly and become fit, it will help you to reduce your anxiety and stress. It will work in a similar fashion to your anxiety medications. Whatever type of exercise you like, you can start doing it if you are not doing it already. If you are doing it, probably this is the time to take it to the next level. Exercising regularly will also help you to sleep better which is very important for people under panic attack.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

You will need a healthy lifestyle which will help you to leave anxiety and stress aside. Diet will play a big role here and you will need to get the necessary vitamins to help you to cope with both mental and physical issues. Sleep is very important and your lifestyle should not affect your sleep negatively in any way. Make some changes if necessary and create a lifestyle that will help you to sleep more, reduce stress and anxiety and enjoy the moments. A healthy lifestyle is very important in overcoming panic.

Adapt to triggers

You need an experienced counselor or therapist. You can expose yourself to the triggers and then re live the panic attacks. When you keep doing it, after some time the panic attack will not have much control over yourself. This is known as desensitization. You will need support and lots of practice to achieve this.

Take responsibility

This is your life and so you need to take responsibility for it. You cannot let your fear run your life. You cannot let panic attack decide how you live your life. So, you need to take responsibility and decide from today that – “this is my life and I’m going to live my life as I want. I’m not going to live my life according to my fear.”

Take hold of your life and whatever happens let it go. Do not let others (including anything else, even fear) control your life. Take the control of your life in your hands and decide how you want to live.

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