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Over thinking

Thinking is a gift and we need it for doing most of the things we do or need to do. But even thinking can become problematic when indulge in it too much. Too much thinking or over thinking is not good because it causes you to lose many things.


Many of us have the habit of over thinking things. We keep thinking about many other things which are not necessary. We repeatedly keep thinking about one thing. We tend to think about something that has only been completed. We keep thinking about things and keep analyzing them and in the process we over think and over analyze.

For example, when you meet someone, we think how we should talk to him or her, how we should respond to that what his body language means, if he is smiling, and we think about so many other things. In this process of over thinking, we miss many things-

  1. We miss what that person is saying

  2. While over thinking what we should do, we miss many of the important things while communicating with the others person

  3. We also miss the present moment and cannot enjoy the process of communication and the present moment that could have been more enjoyable.

When you always keep thinking, we cannot focus on the communication that is happening right at the moment. As a result the outcome of such communication may not be what we wanted. In such a situation, we tend to fall into another trap – self blaming. We blame ourselves for the results of such communication. This self blaming arises out of overanalyzing things. Overanalyzing is nothing but another form of over thinking.

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