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Master these 5 communication skills to reach a higher level

If you want to be successful, you will need excellent communication skills. If you to reach a higher level in your life, communication skills only can help you to reach there. Here, we will talk about five important communication skills which will not only help you to understand yourself but will also help you to understand other people better and that will help you to become successful in doing whatever you want to do.


Let’s find out how you can communicate better with others.


How you frame your message is very important for successful communication. Packaging is very important. Framing your message the right way is very important to ensure that you get the response that you want. It will need some practice but it is possible to learn how people react to a specific pattern or way of framing messages, questions and requests. You can keep on improving until you find a way of framing which will get you the desired result.


People like other people who are very much like them. Mirroring is a communication technique where you simply mimic the way the other person is communicating. You will look at his/her way of speaking, body language including gestures, eye movement, and other things and will simply mimic the way they are doing it. This is different from mocking, because you’re not making fun of the person you are communicating with. You are simply trying to be in the situation and state of mind the other person is. It’s like as if the other person is standing in front of a mirror and seeing his/her own reflection.


Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of the other people. If you can see something from another person’s point of view and try to understand how they are feeling, you have empathy. Empathy will help you to feel what other people feel, understand the reason behind why they feel that way, relate back to others with experiences or thoughts and so on. It will help you to communicate better because you are trying to do it while trying to understand how the other person is feeling or may feel. Your communication will be more relevant and people will pay more attention and will be engaged in the communication.

Receptive language

The language and the choice in words should be very carefully done. If you are talking about something but it is completely different from what they need, they will drift away. Your language and your wards should reflect their interests. They should encourage the other person to provide feedback and open-ended responses, which will make it easier for you to understand whether your audience is understanding you and relate to you or not. You need to show that you care and take interest in other people and they will appreciate that by creating a better communication instance.


It is one of the strongest skills. People love stories and stories will help you to engage people in communication with you. Stories will help you to share anecdotes, lessons and information easily with other people and those people will be able to connect with the story and you easily. It will make your communication easier. People can relate to stories and that will help you to create a better communication process. It will also help you to draw in and hold and audience’s attention

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