How to stop setbacks from stopping you

In your life, there may be many setbacks. You had been working hard on a project and it didn’t go as you planned. You tried to quit smoking for a long time, but suddenly found that the stress was so much for you that you had to smoke a cigarette. Your job interview was excellent, but you didn’t get the job. These things happen. Such small and big setbacks will be there in your life. You should not let setbacks stop you from achieving what you want.

There are different ways to stop the setbacks from stopping you.

Expect setbacks

Expect setbacks because setbacks are very normal for a normal human being. Expect some setbacks whenever you are trying to do something good and big. Whether are you are trying to disrupt and change something positively on you are trying to build a new habit or trying to get rid of a bad habit you have, there will be some setbacks and you should be prepared for it. Don’t worry about them.

Show some self-love

When such things happen, you need to show some self-love. You need to understand that setbacks will stop you from what you want to do if you let them. You need to support and help yourself to recover from the setbacks. You need to reward yourself for that effort that you put in, which helped you to reach a level in the project or a work you have been doing.

Get support

If your self love is not enough, you can always get some outside support. The support may come from your family, spouse, relatives, friends, and other people. It is easy to get support when people know what you are doing and how much effort you are putting in that. It’s normal and it can help you tremendously.

Practice and more practice

If you have been trying to acquire a new habit or stop a bad habit, you need to practice more. When setbacks happen, it may seem to you that there is no point in keep doing what you were doing, but if you practice more, it will become easier for you.

Setbacks are temporary, your goals are not

There will be many setbacks in your life. However, the goals that you want to achieve are not temporary and you need to achieve those goals. Setbacks are temporary things because they cannot stop you from achieving what you want. Setbacks will be there for that specific time period and with your own power, you can overcome them and make them disappear within a short time.


If you have faced a setback, recommit yourself. It looks tough, but it actually isn’t. All you have to do is go forward and commit yourself to the final goal that you have. Recommitting yourself would be much easier if you analyze the situation and find a better way to do things to achieve what you want to achieve.

Start again

When you recommit, start again if necessary. It is difficult, but you grow by doing such difficult things. Your goal is very important for you whether it’s a small order big goal. And you would definitely want to achieve the goals you have. In that case, after a setback, recommit yourself and then find a better way to do it. Start digging and focus on the things that you have. If you can start again, it won’t be as tough as you think to achieve what you want.

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