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I can’t, I can

Can you do it or you can’t?

Whenever you start something, this question may crop up – can I or can’t I?

Maybe you want to be successful, maybe you want to do something big in your life, maybe you want to create a beautiful life for yourself or maybe you want to help other people in life. Whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it, you will  find that thought in your mind. Sometimes you think you can, sometimes you think you cannot.

What do you think?

If you are a realistic person, you may feel that motivation is nonsense, and improving yourself, doing things that you want to do, dreaming about doing something big has no meaning at all. If you think that people cannot do anything with their efforts, it will happen only if it is in your destiny, you cannot become successful by thinking about and working for becoming successful; then you are right.

On the other hand, if you have some dreams and you want to be successful, and that is why you believe that if you keep working for achieving your dreams, if you take the right path, you will be successful one-day; then you are also right.


Why don’t we start things?

We think about doing so many different things, doing this, doing that, but we don’t even start. Why? Because we do not believe ourselves that we can do it, that it can be done by us. And if we don’t start, what results can we expect? There won’t be any results. It happens. And then we’re surprised why we don’t have a life that we want.

Can you?

If you want to do what you are thinking of doing, if you want to fulfil the dreams you have, if you want to create a life that you want, then you can do it. But how can you do that? You will need two things for it- 

Belief and Action


Belief is necessary because if you do not believe that you can fulfil your dreams, that you can do the work, then you will not be able to do it. Why does it happen? It happens because your beliefs decide how and what your thoughts and behaviour will be. If you yourself believe that you are useless, your thoughts will accordingly follow it. And you behaviour will follow your beliefs. You will surely start thinking and behaving like someone useless. 

You behaviour should always be in line with your beliefs. That is why if you believe that corruption is bad and taking bribe is completely opposite of your belief system and values, then you will not take bribe and if you are coerced to take it, you will find in very unsettling and disturbing. On the other hand, if you do not have such beliefs, taking a bribe will be nothing different than your usual daily life activities.

If your thoughts and behaviour are negative due to your beliefs, then how can you expect to be successful, how can you expect to complete the things that you want to do, how can expect to fulfil your dreams? If you believe that you are not ‘good enough,’ then how will you be able to do so many things of bigger things?

If you believe “I cannot do it,” then you will not even try to do that, whatever it may be. You’re not fool to even try, are you? And even if you sometimes try to do that, the you believe that you will put all your energy, power and capabilities in doing something which you know will not happen? 

Some people have right beliefs and they have managed it belief system well, but even after that they do not get the results they expected and cannot fulfil their dreams. Why?

It happens because of lack of efforts. 

Efforts or action

You will need your beliefs, but if you sit at home thinking that everything will be done automatically, it will not help you to complete what you want to do. If you don’t do anything, if you don’t take action, you won’t get any results. You always wanted to write a book but till now it has not been done. Sometimes because of resistance, sometimes because you don’t have any ideas at this moment, sometimes because you don’t feel like writing, sometimes because you are tired or for some other reason, you are not yet able to do it. It happens every day. So, the book is not yet written. You want to play immensely popular and successful singer but for that you need to work very hard, you need to practice for thousands of hours and then only it may happen. But you cannot work so hard. And so we don’t know you as one of the most popular singers, at least not yet and we haven’t found even a single song sung by you.

Whether you are getting the desired results by doing something is not as important as doing it. It’s because even if you’re not successful yet, you have the belief that you can do it and you don’t have any doubt that if you keep doing it, one day you will be successful. And if you keep doing this with the same belief, you will really be successful one-day. Even if you don’t get the exact results you’re looking for, you will still be successful.

Suppose you want to speak English fluently even though you don’t know it today. We have complete faith in yourself and your belief that you can do it. You look for some techniques and ways and after finding that you started practising speaking in English for half an hour each and every day using that technique. What will happen in three months? What will happen in six months if you keep practising? What will happen in one year if you keep practising each and everyday for just half an hour? You’ll be able to speak English fluently and you will find it funny that you thought you feared English because “English is such a tough language.”

Maybe, you will have to do something 100 times or 1000 times to become better in that or to achieve the result you want. If you believe in yourself, only then you will work so hard. Otherwise, why would you keep doing something for such a long time without seeing any so-called visible results? What will motivate you to keep working and moving forward even in difficult situations?

A New Version

Take a look at something that is successfully completed. Why didn’t you succeed? Because you kept working towards a goal. But while doing that you had a belief that you’ll be successful and you have complete faith on yourself. That’s why you did the work and you succeeded. If that formula worked before, maybe it will still work for you. you may have to change yourself a little bit to allow the changes happening in that environment and time.

You may need a new version of yourselves to become successful. Whatever you have achieved, the success that you have achieved for that your previous version was good enough, but since time has changed a lot since that time, some of the variables for your success might also have changed. That is why for the future, to become successful in whatever you’re trying to do, to achieve the dreams that you have, you may need to create a new version of yourself. It simply means that you will have to be better than before, you will have to improve yourself, you will have to learn new things and habits, you may have to learn how to think differently and develop yourself so that you can be successful in the new time and changed scenario.

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