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How you can turn any setback into a comeback

It happens with all people. It’s not only you. There may be many setbacks in your life at different stages. Setbacks may happen in the form of illness, death, broken relationships, loss of job or anything else. However, a setback doesn’t mean that you have lost. You have the potential to turn any setback to a comeback. How you react to the setbacks ultimately defines your path and your place in the world in the time to come.


How do you turn any setback into a comeback?

1. Separate yourself from the situation

Before you can do anything, you will need to separate yourself from the situation. How do you do it? Take a break-it may be for 15 minutes or maybe for a few hours. What you need to separate yourself from the situation? The setback, circumstance or the situation cannot define who you are and you need to separate yourself so that you can take the right decision to handle the setback. It will also help you to take a step back and look at the problem, so that you can find a solution for that. If you like, you can also take a walk or go to a park, to separate yourself from the situation.

2. Accept what happened

Even though it may sound a little pessimistic, but it is actually not. What has happened is a thing of the past and you cannot change it. So, you need to accept the reality of the situation. You cannot undone unfortunate events. When you accept what has happened, your mind becomes free and it’s possible for you to go for the best choice you have without clouding your judgement because of the setback. If you cannot accept what has happened, you will always feel guilt, pity and despair because of the events.

3. Find the good in all things

This is a very difficult thing to do but just try. If you look hard, you will find something good in anything. Even if something bad happens, you will find some experiences, opportunities and other good things in it. Failure is not a problem because to become successful, you need to fail sometimes. What is more important that you find the good things in any setback? You can take it as a learning experience and learn from it so that you do not make the same mistake again.

4. Have a firm intention to comeback

If you really want to comeback from a setback, you will need a strong intention to do that. You need that strong intention in your head and need to work towards that goal. If you have it, you comeback is sure to happen. Your firm determination to comeback and a plan in place will make your comeback unstoppable.

You can achieve it by talking to yourself and making yourself believe that you can do it. Visualise how you want to comeback from the setback and it will help you to devise the strategies you need for that. If you have a clear picture of the outcome you want, you’ll be able to figure out the ways to reach that.

5. Create goals and actions

Once you have the determination and the plan to comeback, you need to create goals and respective actions for these goals. You need to devise the goals and the actions based on the plan you have to comeback from the setback you recently had. When you have them, all you have to do is take actions to achieve those goals.

How I did it

During my graduation, I met with an accident and broke my left leg. Even though the mould was removed from my leg after 45 days, I could not bend my left leg at the lower joint. It happened due to the prolonged duration for which I had to keep my left leg straight in a mould. It was a big setback because I was about to go for a very important interview for my Masters. The doctor advised using mild hot wax on the area and regular physiotherapy. It was difficult and it was a big setback. But I had a plan. I figured out my goals and the actions that I needed to perform to achieve those goals. I continued using the mild hot wax and the physiotherapy regimen twice a day to ensure that I got back on my feet in time. My actions brought me results. It was hard but within a month I was again walking fine. After a few months, I was even able to resume my regular is exercises- running and karate.

It’s hard but it’s doable. All you need to do is have determination, get a plan, find the goals and actions and stick to that. No setback can hold you back.

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