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How to learn to respect yourself

To respect yourself, you just need one thing- “learn to respect yourself.”

umpires-1571563_1280t’s see how you can do that

  1. Who are you?

First of all, to respect yourself you will need to know more about yourself. The respect will come from within and for it to form, you will need to know about yourself before you can respect yourself. Find out what’s good in you and what’s bad.

  1. Accept yourself

You may have many faults. You may also be introvert and you may find it difficult to talk to other people. As human beings, we will have faults and will keep making mistakes. So, before you can respect yourself, you will have to accept yourself as you are. It does not mean you cannot improve yourself, but it means you are accepting yourself as you are at this present moment. Whether to walk on yourself to improve your present life and mental state, is a choice that you will always have.

  1. Practice

Like everything else, you will need to practice respecting yourself. This is a learning process and you will consciously need to try it. It may take some time and it may be hard and it may be awkward for you. If you do something well, tell yourself “we have done a great job, very good, let’s continue this, or “congratulations champ, you’re wonderful.”

  1. Accept other people

Like you, other people may also have some faults because they are also human beings and they are also going to make some mistakes. They are likely to do things that you may not like but it does not mean you need to stop them feel bad about them unless the work is hurting them and others. Stop judging others and try to accept them as they are. It is little difficult and it will also need some practice but it can be done and once you stop judging other people, it’ll be easier for you to accept who they are and what they do.

  1. Talk to yourself

Talk to yourself and laugh at yourself. The things that you say to yourself should be positive. Even when you make a mistake, instead of saying to yourself- “you are worthless,” “you don’t know anything,” “you can’t even do that,” or “you’re good for nothing,” you will need to say to yourself “okay, I messed up, but I will not repeat it next time,” “this is a mistake but I can learn from it and improve,” “okay, I have made a mistake here, but I’m not going to repeat that in future,” “you, I screwed up, but I can learn…….. from this incident.”

Your respect for yourself will come when your actions are in line with your values that you hold dear. That’s why, it is important to act according to your values.


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