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How to change a habit


Changing habits may be very difficult for many people. They want to change your habits but they either don’t know how to do it or even if they know, they cannot continue there are forced to change the habits they want to change.

When you want to change your habits, is very important to understand one thing- you should try to change only one habit at a time. Even though if you want to change several habits, you should always start with just one. And once you successfully change that habit, you can go to the next one. Never try to change several habits at the same time.

So, how do you change your habit? The following process will help you to understand how you can change your habits in a simple way (though not easy). Changing a habit may be simple but it is not easy and to successfully do that, you will need commitment.

The steps

Start very small

Whenever you are trying to change your habit, start very small. It has two advantages- since it is small, you will be able to do it easily and when you do it, it will motivate you to do more. If you want to exercise regularly, but you are not able to do it, try starting a small. Simply exercise for five minutes. You can do that. Now, once you have exercise for five minutes, tomorrow increase the duration to 6 minutes. Increasing just one more minute will not be a very difficult thing for you to do. The next day, you can increase the length one more minute and make it seven minutes. Gradually increase or continuous improvement from a small start will help you to achieve bigger things and changing a habit will be easier for you.


Whatever you do, you will need commitment for successful completion of that task. Changing a habit is a big thing because it involves change. You will need commitment for keep doing things in the new way, and following the new habit. Without commitment, you won’t be able to overcome the obstacles which are likely to show up in your path.

Gamify the process

Do you remember when you played a game that you liked, nobody had to remind you to play, and rather somebody had to remind you to stop? On the other hand, for many people when they were students, someone else had to remind them to study. When you gamify anything that you need to do, it becomes easier for you and you have fun doing it, you enjoy the work. So, when you are trying to change a habit, you can gamify the new habit and have fun while doing it.

Reward yourself

When you try to change your habit and make a new habit in its place, the success rate will increase if you reward yourself for achieving small successes. You start small and when you achieve your small target or goal, reward yourself. This will motivate you to do more while enjoying the process of doing the new things for the new habit.

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