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How to be happy

A few actionable things (things that you can take action today). This includes just a few things because you can only do few things and not all things. Try these and you will see happiness (please don’t run after it, but do what you like in your life and happiness will find you soon).


Gratitude Journal

Keep a journal where you keep track of the things that you are grateful of. It may be small thing or a big thing. Something like someone helping to get you into a train, bus also counts. It may be something else like your relative who allowed to stay you in his house for one month without a question.

Past is past and the future one day will be past

Past is already gone and you cannot change it. SO, forget about it. Forget about it after you learn the lesson and then let it slip. Only keep memories- good memories.


Reduce the junk in your house. How is this related? Try and see. Remove the clutter and you will feel better and cleaner. You will understand that you can live well without lots of your things. It really helps and saves you money and time.

Motivation Manual

This is a must. Every now and then you may get demotivated. To help you get up and run, this is needed. It will help you to work AGAIN with the same enthusiasm that had when you started something. It will keep you going. It will make you happier.

Take Action

You need to. You cannot afford to stop it. Even a small action like calling someone, writing dows the steps may qualify as an action. When you take action, you are busy in focusing your mind on something you like. Happiness follows.

Be a Dog or a child (your choice)

Choose whatever you like.

If a dog cannot eat or play with something, it takes a piss on it and then moves on.

A child doesn’t care about anything when it’s full. It plays, do things, enjoy them while doing, have a great time and then sleeps peacefully.

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