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How Regular Exercise Can Calm Anxiety

Stress is everywhere. In your day-to-day life, you need to face and overcome stress all the time. Is possible to avoid stress and anxiety and kick them out of your life with just a small step-exercising regularly.


If you can get a regular workout, you’ll easily be able to avoid stress and anxiety. Little bit of exercise every day will keep you calm. Exercising regularly will not only help your body by removing extra fat, making it fitter, improving blood circulation et cetera but will also help you to fight stress by actually changing the part of your brain that handles stress.

The Journal of Neuroscience have found that mice that got exercise regularly were able to cope with anxiety much better and faster when compared to mice that got no exercise. The second group of mice suffered from stress and anxiety long after the first group were relaxed.

If you exercise regularly, remodelling of your brain happens and you can handle stress and anxiety much better faster. There are other studies which have found that there is a direct relation between physical activity and level of stress and anxiety. When physical exercise goes up, the level of anxiety and stress reduces.

Yes, stress has its effects on everybody, but the hippocampi of people who exercise regularly are less susceptible to certain undesirable aspects of stress. With regular exercising, you can rewire your brain and become more adaptable and flexible.

I have been using a home gym and I exercise regularly except for one day break. From my personal experience, I am more relaxed and happier when I exercise in the morning compared to when I skip exercise. You don’t have to lift heavy weights or become a bodybuilder. All you have to do is perform some physical activities like running, jogging, free hand exercises or anything else that you like, which exercises different parts of your body and keeps you healthy.

Don’t you think, it’s a very good idea to get a beautiful body while you also fight off stress and anxiety from your life with a little exercise every day?

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