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How do I overcome the habit of doing things at the very last minute?

If you always keep things till the last minute or you have a habit of postponing things all the time, you are not alone. Your problem is “procrastination.” So, let’s see if the following things can help you-


How can you stop procrastinating?

Just 4 steps will help you to stop procrastinating anything. These are the steps I used to stop procrastination.

  1. Found out what I wanted to do

I realized that if I wanted to become better and develop myself, this is one habit that I need to change. Procrastination was keeping me away from my goals. So, one fine day, I decided what I want to do (my purpose and my goals) and then simply told myself “Bikash, you need to do them if you want to become better and you need to do them every day. Just make it fun to do things.”

  1. Got a Notebook

Started creating to do tasks and the started following the simple list. It worked. It still works. Sometimes I still use it because I like it.

When you see the tasks you need to do and then completing them, it helps you to overcome procrastination. You just need to make a small rule- If I write it under today’s task, I need to complete this today.

When you complete something it gives you pleasure (happiness). You get satisfaction of achieving something/doing something. And then you can continue doing more.

  1. Moved to a To Do List App

I tried several to do apps like Todoist,, etc. At present I use Wunderlist, which suits all the needs. It shows me things to do today and this week. I can add tasks under different projects and then see them under a project head or see the things I need to do TODAY.

  1. Did what I feared/uncomfortable with

Sometimes we procrastinate because of the fear to do something. If we fear something or even when we are uncomfortable doing something, we generally postpone it to a later date which doesn’t come.

It happened with me as well. So, I decided I would do what I feared. I didn’t like to call people and talk to them, specially unknown people. But I forced myself to do it. So, I wrote it down in my to do list and then even though I didn’t want to forced myself to do it because I was uncomfortable and I feared it. After some time, it because easier for me.

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