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Do this one thing to improve your confidence

When you want to and try to improve your confidence, it seems like a very big thing and out of your league. But on the other hand you have also seen other people who are very confident and you know inside that you can as well be like them-very confident.


When you look for advice and ask your friends, relatives and other people, they will offer their advice, many of which may not be practicable and simply useless. When you are not confident and you want to become confident, only you understand how difficult it seems.

However, even though there are so many things that you can do which are practical and which will help you to increase your confidence level, today we’re not going into all of them. Rather, is there a simple step that you can take which will help you to increase your confidence?

That is a very valid question. And if you can just use one simple technique or one simple step which will help you to increase your confidence, it is easier for you to do that. Let’s find out such a simple, but practical and effective method of increasing your confidence and improving your life.

Increasing your confidence

If you want to increase your confidence, just do this one thing-

Do something that you fear

Find something you fear + take action= increase in confidence

The process

Step 1- Find out what you fear

Step 2– Prepare for it and just do it

Step 3- Find out how your confidence has increased

Once you find out that you have increased your confidence, by a good degree or simply a little, this realisation will help you to understand that you can increase your own confidence. That realisation will help you to increase your confidence further by realising that you can do things that you fear even though not perfect really and maybe clumsily but you have tried something and you have achieved a result. That will simply increase your confidence.

If you keep doing this even for a short duration of time, say for a few weeks, you will see great increase in your confidence level. This is something that you can practice throughout your life and whenever you want wherever you want it.

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