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Do less, live more

Everybody seems to be very busy. Probably will like busy ness and that’s good. But do you sometimes feel that you are becoming more and more busier and you are probably getting more and more things done but you’re not living your life. If you have the feeling, you’re not alone.

Probably we are doing more and more things but when not living our lives. We are caught off in the rush to get more things done, increase productivity and then only feel good about ourselves. However, we have forgotten about living our life.

Many people believe that busyness is a sign of success. Is it really so? This discussion will take us to what really success is for you. Well, you can decide what success is for you. If being busy men success for other people, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same for you. For you, success may mean other things. You decide what it is.


Reduce distractions

We are so much distracted by so many things that time flies by and you don’t have time for the things that we like and love. For example, we spend so much time looking at the screens of our mobile phones, tablets and other electronic equipment. We spend hours doing that which is not even our main work and then we don’t have time for things that we need to do for a better life including exercising regularly, talking to people you like and love, meeting your friends and others.

Carefully think before committing

Be sure you commit anything, you should be very careful. If you don’t want to do something, you don’t have to commit. Just do not commit because somebody will feel bad, your family is asking you to do something that you don’t like, saying yes is the socially accepted thing to do, you are a gentleman/lady and you cannot say no or for any other reason. Because if you commit, you must do it.

Stillness and silence

Stillness and silence will help you to understand life more. They will help you to have a better life by improving your consciousness. You can hear your own voice only when you are still and there is silence. If there are chaos surrounding you and you are distracted and busy, then how can you hear your own voice? Even though it’s is very easy to stay still, it is not that easy. Try to sit still for next five minutes, without doing anything. How difficult is that?

The same way sitting in silence is also difficult. Many people cannot sit down for a few minutes without speaking something. They have a need to constantly utter something or other.

When you sit still and spend some time in silence every day, you will probably do less but will live more.


Doing things and getting more done is good but if it comes at a price of living your life, then probably it’s not worth it.

Let’s live our lives before we have regrets at an old age when we cannot do anything about it.

Let’s do less but live our lives and enjoy every moment as much as we can.

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