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Chemicals that make you happy

Our brain produces neurochemicals that make us happy. In this new age, we are becoming more depressed and anxious and less content, that’s because our bodies are not producing the necessary neurochemicals because of our lifestyle and physical changes. Let’s find out how you can feel happier in your life.

You can make physical and other lifestyle choices which can help you to become happy. Simple lifestyle changes can help you by improving your brain chemistry and can make you feel better and happier. It happens because with the lifestyle changes, the levels of chemical produced by your brain will also change and ultimately will make you happy.


The neurochemicals responsible for your happiness


it is called as the reward molecule. This is the chemical responsible for reword driven behaviour and also for pleasure seeking. So, if you want to be happy set a target or goal and achieve it. You will feel happy. Scientists also found that people who has extroverted or uninhabited personality types, have higher levels of dopamine in their system when compared to introverted type people. So if you start becoming a go-getter in your daily life, it will help you to increase the levels of dopamine in your brain and make you feel happy.


it can be called as the bonding molecule. Scientists have linked it directly to human bonding. It helps you to increase trust and loyalty. If you have high levels of oxytocin in your body, you will feel more romantic. In males, vasopressin (a molecule close to oxytocin) is considered as the bonding molecule.

You need more skin to skin contact, affection, intimacy to feel happy. Love making to your partner will also help you to feel happy. Face-to-face contact with other human beings is very important for intimate bonding. That is why when you workout at the gym you meet more people and that will help you to feel happy. If you have a jogging or running partner, that can also help you by releasing more oxytocin through the human bonds and make you happy.

A 2003 study found that after cuddling, oxytocin levels in both the dog and the owner increased. Such an intimate and emotional bonding between dogs and humans always make both of them happy. That happens because of increased level of oxytocin. So, if you do not have any human being to bond with, bonding with your pact can also make you feel happy.


GABA is called as the antianxiety molecule. It slows down the firing of neurons and as a result feel calm. Is there a method of increasing GABA naturally? You can increase GABA levels in your body by practising yoga and meditation. It is always better than medicines that are prescribed by doctors. Studies found that GABA levels may increased 27% among yoga practitioners. So, you can start yoga right away and feel happier in your life.


when adrenaline is released in your body, you will feel exhilaration and there will be a surge in energy. When you receive a surge in adrenaline, you will feel very alive. It will remove your boredom, stagnation and malaise. If you want to increase and reach your full potential, you will need to take risks and do things that scare you so that you can get out of your comfort zone. When you do that, adrenaline levels in your body will increase.

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