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An easy way to make today extraordinary

The morning is a sacred time that you have in your hand. You can make this time the source of inspiration, mental peace and happiness for your day. How? With the help of morning ritual. Morning ritual means those works that you do every morning. But why do you need this? It can help you in various ways-will be able to create a habit of getting up at the same time in the morning, don’t have to worry about what to do in the morning, you will enhance your mental and physical powers and capabilities. This is your own time. You can use this time for your own well-being. You can spend this time as you want.


The first hour of the morning

Once you stop in the morning the first hour that you get is the most important. It’s because it is like a blank slate. Whatever you want to write, however you want to write it, you can do this. If you can do just one work the right way every morning, it means you have started your day well and have already completed one work. And even if the day does not go as you want it to, you have at least completed one task well and it will help you to feel good.

Sometimes you may not be able to use the morning time. If you have a baby at home, if you need to start your work at seven or eight in the morning, you may find it difficult to follow a morning ritual. What do you do then? Maybe he can start an “afternoon ritual” in the afternoon. Or he/she may get up a little early to still follow a morning ritual.

Why should you start a morning ritual?

If you want to start your own morning ritual, you will have to find just one thing. And that is the reason why you will start a morning ritual and why you would follow it. When you start a morning ritual, you’ll be able to create many good habits, will be healthy, mental peace and strength will increase for you, you’ll feel good throughout the day and receive other benefits. All the people who create the morning ritual and follow them religiously have their own reasons for doing so. And this reason can be different for different people. You will have to find your own reason to create a morning ritual and follow it. You may have one of the reasons mentioned here or you may have some other reason.

If you do not have any reason, you will not create a morning ritual and follow it. If you do not have an important reason, you will not get up early in the morning, even if you get up you will not feel the urge to follow the ritual and on the pretext of one or more excuses, you will stop following the routine.

If you want to be successful, or if you want to create some good habits or if you want to find the meaning of life or if you want to make a new start of your life, you can start a morning ritual. You may start your morning ritual for any reason but you need to have strong reason to keep following a day after day.

A simple, feel good morning ritual

Let’s find out what a simple, feel good morning ritual can be.

We get up early in the morning (at 5 or 5:30 AM). The surrounding is calm and cool. There are sounds made by different birds. After brushing, you sit down and meditate for half an hour. After that at the same place you practice yoga for another half an hour. Then you take out your journal and for 15 minutes write down everything that comes to your mind. Then in the next five minutes you create a list of all the things that you need to complete today. Then you have a cup of red/organic/green/herbal tea infused with lemon. You not only enjoy the morning but it also is very beneficial for you.

If you have some more time and you’re not in a hurry, you can get a book and read a few pages.

Rituals of famous people

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs had a morning routine. Every morning after waking up he made his bed, and took a bath. Then looked himself in the mirror. He’d locked eyes with himself and asked, “If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I’m about to do today?

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey starts her morning with twenty minutes of meditation, which she says fills her with “hope, a sense of contentment and deep joy.”

Then she hits the treadmill to get her heart-rate pumping. According to her at least fifteen minutes of exercise improves her productivity and boosts energy levels.

Then Winfrey “tunes herself in” by going for a walk, listening to music or preparing a nice meal. Finally, she always concludes her ritual by eating a healthy meal full of complex carbohydrates, fiber and protein.

Tony Robbins

World-wide popular Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins says if you don’t have ten spare minutes to work on yourself every morning, then you don’t have a life.

Using a ritual called “Priming,” Robbins follows a three-part program:
• Perform three sets of 30 Kapalbhati Pranayama breaths.
• Close your eyes and slow your breathing while expressing gratitude for everything you have.
• Pray and ask for help, guidance, and strength throughout the day.

What can you do?

Meditation; yoga; physical exercise like going to the gym, bodyweight workout and other things; journaling; showing gratitude; writing; painting; listening to music; singing or anything else where you need to focus and what forces you to use your mind and body. You can choose any of them or more than one as per your liking.


When you don’t have time

If you don’t have enough time, maybe you can create some time by getting up a little early. Then you will have enough time in your hand to follow your morning ritual. If you generally get up at 7 AM, you can try to get up at 5 AM, which will create two extra hours for you and you can do a lot of things during those two hours. Do you really need to sleep as many hours as you’re sleeping for now? If after little bit of examination you find out that you do not need so much of time, you can probably find some time for your morning ritual. With little bit of testing you can fix your hours for going to the bed at night and getting up in the morning to ensure that you’re getting optimum sleep. Many people get up late because they don’t have anything to do in the morning. Getting up early is just a habit. So, like other habits, you can also make a habit of getting up early. For the first day, you can simply get up 15 minutes earlier which will give you 15 more minutes. If necessary use an alarm clock or use the alarm in your mobile phone. It will be a little hard for the first week but after that it will be fine. This happens to each and every behavior and habit. When you go to bed, think about what you’ll do just after getting out of the bed. Going to the bed early will also help you to get up early.

Don’t do some things

If you are picking up the mobile phone and looking at the notification the first thing in the morning, stop doing that. If you are forced to look at the mobile phone first thing in the morning, maybe you have become a slave of your mobile phone. Be an owner, not a slave. Use the mobile phone; do not be used by it.

If you are financially independent, it’ll be easier for you to do whatever you want in the morning. You can easily create a morning ritual and follow it without any problem. Even if you’re not financially independent and you have a job or you have your own business or a start-up, even then it is possible to create a morning ritual which will help you to become better and will also provide you with the necessary inspiration, mental peace and happiness to take on the challenges throughout the day. It is possible to make some small changes to ensure that you are creating a beneficial morning ritual for yourself and sticking to it.


If you do not have much time, please start small. Simply start with 15 minutes of morning ritual and see how it benefits your. After starting with 15 minutes, you can gradually increase the time as per your convenience and need. If necessary get up 15 minutes earlier and used those 15 minutes to follow the morning ritually created for you. If you really want to do it, you can do it.

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