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Bikash Kalita

Motivational Speaker, Certified Coach, Life Skill Trainer and Entrepreneur

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Bikash is a Motivational Speaker, Life Skill Trainer and Entrepreneur.

Bikash is a Associate Certified Coach (ACC). He is certified by International Coach Federation (ICF), USA.

Bikash is an entrepreneur. He co-founded AssamKart, the first-ever ebook store from the Eastern part of India and the second ebook store in India to offer regional language ebooks. AssamKart is slowly changing the literary scene of Assam. Now hundreds of Assamese ebooks are available in 2 different platforms- Android and Windows. Readers can read ebooks right on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. People can now access Assamese books right from their homes in any part of the world.

As a Motivational Speaker, Coach and Life Skill Trainer, Bikash has been inspiring people in Assam and the North-East India for a several years. He offers inspirational workshops, talks ,and programs through Life Skills Training Institute, LSTI ( Bikash also offers Life Skills Training to students, employees and other people in need of it. 

Bikash provides personal counseling for people who are fighting emotional issues in life. He offers personal development coaching for people who want to be successful in life and want peace and happiness.

Bikash previously started probably the first ever organic vegetable cultivation in 2006 in Nagaon along with Mrs. Navanita Hazarika.

Bikash has an MBA (Marketing and Finance) and a BSc (Agriculture) degree.

Bikash worked as a freelancer and Content Manager for several websites and blogs. He has several years experience in the online and digital marketing fields.




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