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A New Rule for Meetings

Meetings are not only boring but they are also time wasters. Even though they eat up lots of our time, we may not be able to eliminate them completely. If meetings are very important for you and there is no way you can eliminate them right now, you can still make them more productive and get more out of them by following a new rule.


The rule

Take notes.


Keep notes of everything important that happen in a meeting. Take note of the ideas, deadlines and assignments.

How do you capture notes in meetings? There are several tools that will help you to capture the important notes in meetings.


1. Whiteboards

You can always get a whiteboard to the meeting room where the meeting is held. They are easier to find.

2. Smart phones

Smart phones can help you to take notes, photos, drawings and much more. You can also email the notes and other important documents right from your smart phone. You can print or upload those notes.

3. Post-its

Post-its scan help you to write down ideas, important facts, questions and other important details for use later.

4. Dropbox

You can upload all the important documents, ideas, notes, and other materials from your smart phone or laptop to the Dropbox folder which is shared by all the colleagues working on the same project, for which you had the meeting. They can share, collaborate on the project using the documents available in the Dropbox folder.

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