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9 Happiness boosts


Can you boost the happiness level that you are in? You can. Psychologist have done experiments for decades to find out how to boost your happiness. According to the research findings, there are some things that you can do to dramatically boost your happiness. Let’s find out what they are-


Smile to yourself and to everyone around you

Be kind

Practice random acts of kindness


Develop a healthy body and you will have a happier mind

Be grateful

Appreciate everything in your life

Invest in growth

Focus on learning new things and developing yourself all your life

Be passionate

Do what you love

Commit to goals

Have goals to work towards and experience the feeling of achievement

Be social

Connect to people, specially with those you care about

Help Others

Sure-shot way to get happiness immediately

These are some very simple things that you can include in your daily life and become happier. If you are happier, you are also going to make other people happy.

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