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7 Rules for a Simpler Day

Our days are often hectic and chaotic. We need to do so many things in a day within a short time period. Your life could be much simpler and better if you can make your days simple. You could make your day simple by following a few very simple rules.


Rule one

Know what’s important

Rule two


Rule three

Single tasking

Rule four

Eliminate distractions

Rule five

Learn to say no, especially to extra commitments

Rule six

Limit the number of tasks for the day

Rule seven

Slow down

Try these simple rules for a few days and you will see a profound change in your days and your work. Even though you are busy and you need to do lots of things every day, but following these rules and simplifying your everyday will ensure that you do more and improve your productivity every day, which will mean that you perform more and better. That is what you want, isn’t it?

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