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5 Ways To Live The Life You Want

We dream of a life but it seems that achieving that dream life is very hard. We make plans to achieve our dream life but the problem is that we often fail to stick to that plan and so our dream life goes further away from us. For example, when the New Year comes, we often make New Year resolutions but we fail to make them real. We forget about the resolutions and fall back into old habitual patterns.


However, it is not very difficult to live the life you want if you follow five easy and simple methods. These ways will help you to live the life you always dream of.

  1. Write your wishes down: Ask and you shall receive

If you ask, you shall receive. If you focus on something with your full attention and energy, then you will achieve it. Michael Losier’s book the “Law of Attraction” says so. We attract whatever we give our attention, energy and focus to. If you focus on the positive, you will get positive results; if you focus on the negative, you’ll receive negative results. When you write down what you want, and see them everyday, you will always want to have them. The law of attraction will help you to stick to your goals and will help you to achieve them.

  1. Stay positive: The universe does not respond well to negative people

Staying positive has many good effects on you and the possibility of achieving the life you want. Staying positive will motivate you to work towards your dream life and make it true. It is you who is going to work towards achieving your dream life. The universe will support you if you stay positive.

  1. Meditate: Reinforce your goals

Meditation will not only help you to calm your mind, but will also help you to stay focused on your goal of achieving the life you want. You just need a few minutes every day to meditate and regain the energy to work towards achieving your dream life. A few minutes of meditation every day can bring in more motivation and determination to you to focus on what you want to achieve.

  1. Throw the fear out: Be mindful of your blockages and show them the door

The surprising fact is that we are our own worst enemies in getting our dream life. Fear plays a big role in not doing anything towards achieving the goals of your life including the life you dream of. You need to change to achieve your dream life and we always fear changes. If you closely scrutinize what kept you in the past from reaching your dream life, you’ll find that fear had been a big factor. It is a very destructive emotion that will always stop you from taking new steps. During meditation, imagine your fear in a vivid form and then show it the door. Even though it seems childish but it works. Just try it. You can also dream of fear as a cover on your body and then shed it during meditation. You will feel a big difference. Just try it once.

  1. Take action: One small step at a time

The most important method is to take action. Taking action doesn’t mean changing everything in one day. You can start with a few small steps-even one step at a time. After some time, the small steps will add up to big changes towards your dream life. Taking action and staying positive is what you need to do. Meditation will definitely help you. Along with that physical activities and going to the gym will definitely help you to stay positive and fight the negative forces that will try to derail you in your effort to achieve your dream life.

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